27 January 2012

Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society sign long-term Partnership Agreement

Kiev, 27 January 2012 - Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society signed a long-term Partnership Agreement, which covers development of joined projects and programmes aiming at emergency relief , support of people with disabilities, lonely elderly and other socially vulnerable groups.

The partnership of Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and the Red Cross Society of Ukraine began in 2009 in response to the H1N1 flu outbreak in Ukraine. Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine provided its logistical services through its distribution system to support the Red Cross activities. Within the first 48 hours after the outbreak, medical supplies and educational material were delivered across the country.
When in 2010 western Ukraine suffered with severe floods, the Company supported communities by providing the Red Cross 60,000 litres of drinking water as well as its delivering to the sites. In 2011, Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine provided with 350,000 litres of beverages, which were distributed country-wide to socially vulnerable people.

Red Cross long-term Partnership Agreement

Jean-Noel Reynaud, Country General Manager of Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine during joint press conference noted: “Our intention is to focus our company efforts on the areas where we are experts: supply of top quality beverages, exploitation of our national logistics system and involvement of our employees volunteerism.At the same time, when we talk about humanitarian missions, the Red Cross is the most reputable and professional partner with the huge experience and extended network, which provides valuable and, most of all, effective aid in Ukraine and in the rest of the world.”
Ivan Usichenko, President of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, while commenting on the Partnership stated: “The Partnership Agreement between Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and the Red Cross Society will open a new stage of our Partnership and will help to rise our emergency preparedness and to decrease people sufferings and, at the same time, will inspire people to become volunteers and representatives of business community to share the values of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent”.
This partnership demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development of the society and support of people in need.