Sparkling beverages Fanta

Fanta was first introduced in Germany in 1940 and its name came from an employee contest, where Fanta in the German language meant “imagination”.

After the second world war, Fanta was introduced to the United States, and in 1960 it was registered as a trademark. Among all 70 different Fanta flavours available in the world, Fanta Orange is the most popular one. Fanta has been providing enjoyment to more than 180 countries and in the Ukrainian market since 1980.

Fanta is available in three flavours: Fanta Orange, Fanta Lemon, and Fanta Grape in 0.25-litre glass bottles, 0.25-litre cans as well as 0.5-litre, 1-litre and 2-litre PET bottles.

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