We aim to minimise the impacts of our business on the natural environment. As part of doing so, we implement the internationally recognised environmental management system ISO 14001 and are working towards full certification across our business. In Ukraine we first achieved ISO14001 in 2002 and have maintained it ever since.

Our environmental efforts are focused on the three areas where we have the greatest impact and can therefore make the most significant contribution. These are:

We set performance targets for each of these three areas and report our progress as part of a larger group in our annual CSR reports. In addition, we publish our own local report on CSR progress. Our bottling plants are also regularly audited against the environmental standards of The Coca-Cola Company.

As well as reducing our own impacts, we work with others to address broader sustainability issues. We work with government agencies, NGOs and others to support environmental conservation and education. In particular, we focus on protecting local watersheds and promoting recycling.

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