Water stewardship

Demand on the amount of freshwater around us is increasing and climate change is impacting traditional rainfall patterns. As the world’s population grows, the demands being placed on freshwater are rising, rapidly.

Our ability to grow is directly related to the availability and quality of local water resources. As a result, we place a major focus on our water stewardship efforts, and an integrated approach to this critical resource:

  • Improving our water efficiency: we work hard to reduce the amount of water needed to produce our beverages
  • Working in partnerships: to protect local watersheds and promote sustainable water management, we work in a growing number of partnerships.

Improving our water efficiency

In our bottling plants, we closely monitor our water sources, minimising the amount of water we withdraw. By incorporating water savings technologies on our production lines, we have managed to improve the efficiency with which we use water.

Each bottling plant regularly conducts risk assessments. We study the quantity and quality of local water supplies, as well as environmental, regulatory and other concerns. Based on these assessments, we develop action plans to mitigate risks.

Although we have significantly improved our efficiency, we cannot reduce the amount of water in our beverages. As we produce greater volume of beverages, we will use more water. It is therefore increasingly important to further improve water efficiency. We therefore invest in emerging technologies.

We ensure that all water returned to the natural environment is treated to a level that supports fish life. Our bottling plant has on-site wastewater treatment plant, or utilise the municipal water treatment resources. Treated water released into the environment is suitable for use in agriculture as well as supporting plant and aquatic life.

Working in partnership

To address water-related issues, we work in a growing number of partnerships.

The Green Danube is our most longstanding partnership. Together with the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, we conduct conservation and awareness-raising activities in Ukraine and nine other countries lying in the river basin. These include annual Danube Day celebrations, which see the participation of tens/hundreds of thousands of people.

We also support public policy initiatives to promote sustainable water management. For example:

Every Drop Matters

Every Drop Matters is an international project launched by The Coca-Cola Company and the United Nations Development Programme. Its purpose is to raise awareness and create a responsible behaviour towards water resources.

The Dnipro Day

In June 2007, Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine and Coca-Cola Ukraine led “Dnipro Day”,an environmental and educational campaign in partnership with the State Committee of Ukraine for Water Management, the Ukrainian Ministry of Environmental Protection, students of the Geography Faculty of National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev and the citizens of Kyiv.

The campaign was conducted with the support of the United Nations Development Programme and Global Environment Facility (GEF) programme for Dnipro basin ecological enhancement. The idea of the campaign was to bring together state authorities and citizens of Kyiv in a joint effort to protect the Dnipro riverside. This united team worked under the motto “Love nature - Save water!”.

In 2008 the “Dnipro Day” was supported by the UN Global Compact and became the first practical event with the national campaign “Go Green!”.

Water Information Center

We also support public policy initiatives to promote sustainable water management. In 2009 Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine signed a Memorandum in cooperation with the Water Information Center, where Kyiv habitants visited the Water Museum. This cooperation aimed at raising public awareness and understanding of the water-related issues and positive change of public opinion towards water preservation.

It has become mutually beneficial as it joins the efforts of the Company who undertakes public activities in this area, and those of the Museum whose aim is to raise public awareness on water and environment protection and preservation.

At an international level, Coca-Cola Hellenic is a founding signatory of the CEO Water Mandate of the UN Global Compact. This initiative aims to address water.

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